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Romania With Horses 7.-20. September 202

With Horses Though Romania:

September 7th - 20th, 2020

From September 7th - 20th, 2020 Frank and Sina will accompany a group traveling with horses through Transilvania (in Romania).
You can join either for 1 week or for 2 weeks. Just you have to sign in until the 31.7.2020.

This journey is especially for those who cannot come to Mongolia with us, but still want to experience to travel with horses through nature. Therefore, Romania is perfect for this with its wilderness, its horse culture and the possibility to travel with horses for weeks through nature...
We have a good friend, whose horses are very well trained with natural horsemanship.

If you like to learn riding on horses that are trained with natural horsemanship or if you like to deepen your horse riding experience in cross country and wilderness riding, then this fits perfect for you.
Zoltan, the owner of the horses will accompany us as well and guide us through the beautiful tracks through the wilderness of Transilvania. To compement this adventure we can offer little sessions of movement and body work as well as inner transformation sessions in the morning or evening, if people are interested.

The costs include the horses, the guide (natural horsemanship), the food, inner transformation sessions and everything except your transport to Romania.
7. - 13. September: 590 € (1 week)
7. - 20. September: 1050 € (2 weeks: The longer you stay, the deeper it gets.)
The travel was originally priced to make such a journey also possible for people with low income. If you can and like to afford it, we appreciate if you pay the price of 690 € for 1 week or 1190 € for 2 weeks.
You need to register until 31.7.2020. This is necessary for the owner of the horses in Romania to plan accordingly.

If you are interested, please contact us through facebook, email via, phone or whatsapp:
Frank: +49 176 83552300
Sina: +49 176 57799014

With Love
 Frank and Sina


Adventure is calling

-Join us in Romania as a Community on Horseback-

From September 7th - September 20th 2020


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Together we ride in community

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Fun Community Travel on Horseback in Mongolia, REX, Conscious Adventure that Transforms

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Imagine experiencing the variety of forests and grasslands, lakes and rivers on horseback, whilst transforming, growing and enjoying community.

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