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About Me



Graduate Physicist, travel guide and coach. 


 "Accepting the feelings inside of you, that you didn't want to accept before, makes you more free and gives you a greater ability to respond. Here lays the key for a meaningful change of the outside situation."

Education &  experience

  • Diploma in Physics, University of Berlin

  • MA in "Peace & Conflict Transformation", University of Innsbruck (3 terms)

  • 5 year long travel around the world

  • Tantra with Homa and Mukto (training, assistance, organisation)

  • Organisation of a 6 month long horse caravan through Mongolia, starting with 14 participants and 24 horses

  • Organisation and leading of further adventure journeys on horseback since 2015

  • Offering individual sessions for inner transformation using a variety of methods since 2015

  • Foundation of RE Discover GmbH 2019


Personal Background 

When I studied physics, I did it only with my head, not with my heart. Although I completed my studies very successfully, something crucial was missing in my life - afterwards I started to live from the heart. Consequently, I packed my backpack and started to travel around the world.

Starting in Australia and Southeast Asia, I was soon drawn to Canada. Here I spent a lot of time trekking across the wilderness in the Northwest of Canada First by myself and later I came across two hunters with horses, who I decided to join on their journey. It was here that I first realized how much I enjoy and how free it feel to travel with riding and packing horses.

Later I worked for cowboys and hunters: with four cowboys and 34 horses, riding through the Northwest Territories of the Canadian wilderness. Here I learned a lot for my horse travels later. The cowboys were reliable "buddies", but soon I began to miss emotional depth and space for the authentic expression of feelings in the exchange.

So I moved on south to Mexico, where I met a group of 15 artists who rode on horseback through Chiapas with 20 horses. They had their own circus show and presented it in the remote villages of southern Chiapas, and I joined them for six months. 

Inspired by these experiences, I finally returned to Germany and organized a big travel project together with a friend (Thank you, Keith!):  We drove from Cologne to Mongolia and met up in a group of 14 friends and friends of friends. We bought 24 horses and rode for half a year through Mongolia. This was a time of intensive experiences, deep connections and also organizational and personal challenges and learning processes. 

After this adventure, I traveled to South America: in the Brazilian Amazon forest I stayed with the indigenous tribes, took part in their shamanic ceremonies and got to know their culture more deeply.

Afterwards, I met Homa and Mukto, two world-known Tantra teachers, in their meditation center. Their Tantra is closely connected to presence and awareness, to feeling and to the transformation of inner conflitcts. I resonated a lot with the field and the awareness that they created in their workshops and trainings. I did their trainings and became their assistant. During this time we went to different places around the world. Later I started also organizing workshops for them. I learned how to open spaces through presence, awareness and a compassionate atmosphere. These spaces allowed others to open themselves up to look at their core issues and to receive and to transform the emotions that are connected with them.  After some time I also gave one-to-one sessions in a way that was strongly inspired by their work.  

At the same time, I organized more horse journeys, not just for friends anymore, but for everyone interested.

In 2018 I started to study the Master program "Peace and Conflict Transformation" in Innsbruck and experienced how inner transformation methods got applied within a  scientific university frame.  

In 2019 I then founded my travel company, regularly organizing horse journeys with transformative aspects, and giving open workshops and individual sessions.

My personal essence of my own journey is, that I live more from my heart now, with a deeper connection to myself, to my feelings, my abilities and to what I really am.


Today, it is my passion and profession, to open a space for others, in which they can connect more deeply with themthelves and in which they can transform their inner conflicts. It gives me a great sense of fulfilments again and again, when participants find more of who they really are and what they really want to do in their life, and when I get the feedback that their human relations and professional challenges have transformed in a positive and meaningful way.

Coaching Principle


In my coaching, I primarily hold space for people to connect to their feelings, that are behind a life topic. I support them to accept and at the same time to let go of these feelings. 

This principle is as simple as it is effective and has been used and proven in many traditions as well as modern forms of therapy. Because our own approach to our emotions can be the essential reason for our personal issues but also for their transformation.


And... Is there an issue that you would like to transform?  Which?  

What challenges are you facing in life or right now?  ​

Getting to Know each other

It is important that you get a good feeling about me and my work and also that I can see the best way how to support you. That is why the first conversation is always free of charge and without any obligation. 

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