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Transformational Sessions


Inner Journey. Outer Travel.


The personality is anchored in old feelings that influence our thoughts and actions - even if we are not aware of it. When we gradually dissolve such patterns of our personality, inner changes happen first:

We will be more present, mindful, and confident. 

Our perspective expans when in familiar situations. 

We develop more clarity about what we want and can do. 

We remain more calm and constructive in challenges.


We are able to  use our abilities more consciously.


As a result, we can also solve external problem situations more easily, form relationships more lovingly and recognize and implement our own goals more clearly.

The Approach

The key to this lies in the conscious perception of our sensations. When we really feel and accept them, they stop unconsciously dominating our thoughts and actions and shaping our everyday life. In my workshops and coaching sessions, I open the space for participants to feel and accept the feelings behind their thoughts more. This creates a new connection between head, gut, and heart and thus new inner clarity. Little by little, the power that was bound in these feelings is released - and more inner strength and freedom develop.


Horsebackriding for Personal Development

As a special framework for inner growth impulses, it is a good idea to combine personal coaching with our adventure trips, which my team and I offer.
These take place in different countries with extensive nature (Bulgaria, Romania, Mongolia).
On the one hand, the participants recover and recharge their batteries. On the other hand, we use this opportunity far away from the usual everyday tasks for inner work: In a supportive group setting with like-minded people and in powerful workshops - mostly in the open air - it becomes apparent which patterns in feeling and thinking are still clinging to us and which questions and problems are really moving us at the moment. Transformative, liberating experiences, deep connection to oneself and a moving communal experience emerge.
Again and again we experience that the participants return home strengthened and with new clarity - and often with new friends as well.



1 session

60 minutes



6-10 sessions

60 minutes each


Combine our horse journey

with coaching sessions

 Pre-journey sessions,

the journey itself and

post-journey sessions 

Getting to Know each other

It is important that you get a good feeling about me and my work and also that I can see the best way how to support you. That is why the first conversation is always free of charge and without any obligation. 

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