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Get out & Experience the world again

- Tantric Shamanic Adventure -
Bulgaria on Horseback 
September 25th - October 14th 2020

Free Yourself from confinement & realign with the joy of community & nature travel


1,2 or 3
weeks of transformation

sweat lodges, ceremonies and tantric connection practices 

Live together as community in nature

You've been locked up for too long

Confinement is stressful.

You deserve to enjoy the freedom you were made to experience.




Visualize it now....


You in the freedom and freshness of

nature, happy as you...

✓   Experience the freedom of nature

✓   Connect with, travel and be in community


✓  Reclaim your happiness and health

✓   Health yourself with sweat lodges, ceremony          and ritual


✓   Rejoice in loving and intimate connection

✓   Safe horses for even inexperienced riders.

✓   Choose the adventure thats right for you-

      1,2, or 3 weeks

✓   Reconnect with joy

✓   Align with your passion and purpose

✓   Embody your empowerment


✓   Develop you inner-leader

✓   Experience Bulgaria's authentic nature


Your Happiness

Matters to Us!

We want you to be free from confinement, happy and healthy.  We get that these are tough times and with us you can shift your reality.  Together. 

With us you can align with your joy

✓ Our total combined travel of full time living & leading        communities on horseback is over 2 years

✓ We have over 10 combined years leading & facilitating        tantric and connection sessions & workshops

✓ Together we have over 12 combined years leading &            facilitating shamanic and wellness                                          practices/ceremonies


We get the vastness of your interests and gifts and are here to help guide you to your joy

We've led Transformational Journey's all over the world

This time for introspection made it clear to us that we want to share more of the passions we've devoted so many years to.  

We've created something really special for you.

A chance to free your soul, connect with your joy, be in and of community, explore nature and travel all in the context of a supportive family with deep dives into tantric and shamanic practices 

Conscious Adventure in Nature

Tantric, Shamanic, Transformational, empowering 

Connect with and be in COMMUNITY

You don't want to waste anymore time locking yourself and your happiness down 

We get that you've been locked up in confinement for too long.  You deserve to be enjoying the freedom you were made to experience 

Happy Camper REX Conscious Adventure that Transforms

Adventure that Transforms

Are you ready to get out and experience the world again?

Imagine yourself in the warm Bulgarian nature enjoying three weeks of adventure-

Complimented by shamanic elements like sweat lodges, cacao ceremonies, fire rituals & more.  You can dance around the fire & be free to be your happy self.  With a caring heart space you'll have the opportunity to experience tantric meditations that dive deeper as the weeks progress. 

We get that Covid has been tough 

we've formulated prices with you in mind 

Our inclusivity discount for our low income and Bulgarian born friends

has also been extended (prices are marked with an *)

The longer you journey with us the deeper you get to go

Costs include horses, our lovely guide, sweat lodges & other nature and transformative experiences, & mostly vegetarian food. Transportation to Bulgaria and individual travel insurance not included.  

790€/ 690€*

Sep 25-Oct 1

Oct 1-8

Oct 8-14

Join us for 3 Weeks

1890€/ 1590€*

Sep 25-Oct 14


Adventure is calling

-Join us on a Tantric Shamanic Horse Excursion-

From September 25th - October 14th 2020


Schedule a Call with us

Fill out our form so we know we're a good fit and we'll get in touch with you


You choose 1, 2 or 3 weeks

You choose the time frame that suits you best.  The journey gets deeper each week.  


Together we ride in community

Complimented by tantric, shamanic, transformational and empowering workshops

Check out our Gallery

Fun Community Travel on Horseback in Mongolia, REX, Conscious Adventure that Transforms

- Transformation  Inspiration -


Imagine experiencing the variety of forests and grasslands, lakes and rivers in on horseback, whilst transforming, growing and enjoying community.

Bulgaria in

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