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Outdoor Adventure

with Horses

August 3rd - 9th, 2023

In Romania

This horse journey I am holding especially close to my heart, because I am organizing it together with Sabrina, who I know from the Peace Studies Program, that I studied some years ago. That's why I am happy to announce thankfully:


We, Sabrina and I, created a wonderful summer travel opportunity, containing different workshop possibilities, which combines some of our greatest passions: traveling outdoors, learning with and from horses and nature (including trail-rides, hiking, camping etc.).

It's a once in a lifetime adventure!

Having accomplished to prepare such a travel, we are now ready to invite you to join us, if this experience is calling you!

Please support us, by sharing this information and the flyer with other people as well, so we can make this travel adventure happen. Spread the flyer in channels, communities and with your friends, if you think this could be of interest and a great service to the people/societies/communities you know.


We will have amazing, calm and beginner-friendly horses with us, which are great companions during this travel. So, you do not need to worry about your previous horse experience. We could even find a great travel experience for you within the group, if you do not want to ride a horse at all. Please reach out to us, so that we can plan this together. We’ll take a maximum number of 11 participants and will accompany the group with three experienced guides.


We will also include active listening, workshops on basic horsemanship, outdoor and wilderness practices, and process facilitation/coaching alone and/or within the group. You can also choose to have time for yourself in nature. A short version of a “Vision Quest” is possible, which is a form of Rites of Passage, in which Sabrina is a certified trainer.


Please write or call us in case you have any questions!
Phone/Whatsapp: +49 176 8355 2300 (Frank)


If you register until the end of March, you will benefit from the early bird special.


Wild greetings,
Outdoor Adventures 
Frank and Sabrina


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