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HORSE TOUR & LIBERTY, May 27 - June 2, 2022 with Yannis and Frank.png



Come with us on this summer adventure!

We combine horse riding through

the beautiful nature of Romania with

liberty workshops led by Yannis Madrid.


June 5th to 11th 2022

We create a very strong bond with the horses during this journey, over 7 days, during day and night.


Traveling by horse is an environmentally friendly way to travel and horses can take us through nature without noise pollution.


We get much closer to nature moving together with animals, through forests and fields, where lots of other wildlife lives.


And of course, also between us humans we create strong bonds and lasting friendships can be made through the amazing experience that we can create together.


And on top of this, this horse tour includes:


LIBERTY by Yannis Madrid:

Liberty is the use of the horse's natural means of communication as a training tool. Using body language and positioning, we are able to speak with the horse the same way they speak with each other, to explain to the horse what we want. Liberty gives us a very strong bond with the individual horse, and the work with the horses creates their desire to stay and be with us.



750 € early early bird, if booked until February 25th

790 € early bird, if booked until March 15th

890 € regular price


Prices include: the horses, the guides, 3 meals per day, camping in the community bell tent (or if you prefer you can bring your own lightweight tent), all liberty workshops and an unforgettable experience in nature, with camp fires and stary skies


Do you have any questions? Would you like to join?

Just write to us!


You can also contact us via Whatsapp:
Yannis Madrid: +34 644 894519 and Frank Kelleter: +49 176 83552300

We're looking forward to ride with you!

 Yannis and Frank

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