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Temple - Nature - Horses

Temple & Horse Journey

July 1 - 7, 2022, TRANSYLVANIA (RoMANIA)


Temple Week & Horse Riding In Nature

A temple week combined with horse riding in the beautiful nature of Romania -

by Michael Finkel and Frank

This is an invitation to join a one week journey into the magic of simplicity & authenticity.

The Temples are a space to explore authenticity, intimacy and Eros.

Michael Finkel and Frank will be facilitating a one week journey with horses in the beautiful nature of Romania.

We are joining our merits together:

The horse journeys (by Frank): We will travel as a tribe of humans and horses during the day


The temples (by Michael): We will hold temple nights and dive to explore intimacy in movement, gaze, words and touch.


This journey is an opportunity to explore what intimacy is for us.

Intimacy and intimate communication with ourselves, with nature and with others.

What does intimate communication mean for us?

And can we learn from nature how to be intimate with ourselves and with other people?

Can we learn about authenticity and kindness from horses?


Dates: July 1st - July 7th, 2022


890 €, if you book until March 15th

990 €, if you book afterwards

If it is needed, there is also the chance for a helpers discount.

(Registration closes on May 15th)


Included in the price are:

The horses, vegetarian and vegan meals (3 per day), the horse and community equipment, you can sleep in the community bell tent (or if you prefer you can also bring your own lightweight tent), camp fires and starry skies, an unforgettable riding experience in nature, all workshops and temple nights!


If you have questions or if you like to register, please send me an email to or a pm to Frank Kie (facebook).


With Love

Michael and Frank

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