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Exploration of the world and Yourself

With Travel and Transformation

Travel and transformation

Whether you are looking to dive deep into adventure with a long expedition, take a taste with a short adventure, explore your transformation from home, or within the context of a single-day workshop, we have options for you. From journeys on horseback in different countries, to workshops, trainings and online coaching, we have you covered.

Whether you are looking to stay close to home and save on flight fare or travel to a different continent, we offer travels to different countries and are ever expanding our services to meet your needs.

horseback riding

Interested in a horse journey but unsure if your riding experience is enough?  No problem, we source a variety of horses from local equestrians to suit all riding levels and needs.  So whether you're looking for a calm horse or a more spirited ‘green bean’ we have you covered.  We also can suggest you local barns in your area to help get a few lessons under your belt and your confidence dialed in.

Safety measure 

Questioning your safety? Fearful to travel abroad? Check your worries at the door because we come prepared not only with the supplies we bring but in our experience and with local connections as well. We specifically travel in areas where we are close enough (yet far enough too ;)) to supplies and in some cases are even accompanied by a local guide.

When it comes to our water art sports, we get that water can be a scary thing, and that's why we take the extra time to listen and go at the pace that's right for you.

Where there can be physical challenges like sun, physical work, and food allergies we work hard to get you set up and in the know with your packing needs.  We also connect with you beforehand to make sure you are actually a match for the adventure you wish to experience.  


Thinking that this could be like any other adventure? Well, we have to tell you that we aim to give you the opportunity to empower yourself.  This means being an active member of the community and contributing in areas like packing, setting up camp, collecting firewood and water, helping the cook, caring for the horses and equipment, and more. We want to give you every opportunity to succeed and this means doing your part within the community. With this approach, you not only empower yourself through contributing but through learning these ropes as well.

Personal Development 

Wanting to share your gift but unsure of what that is or feeling inexperienced?  No worries!  That's why we are here.  We’ve got the experience to help you assess and evaluate what excites you in life and give you the opportunity to share, explore and develop your inner leader.

So whether you're looking to join in on an expedition, jump in on a day workshop, or rediscover yourself with us with a longer-term commitment of coaching, we have options to match whatever your needs are.

Financing Options

As an added bonus we also offer payment plans for those in financial need, have discounts for different reasons as early bird prices plus helpers discounts.

So come explore with us and rediscover an optimized you.  Your welcome exactly as you are and we look forward to receiving you!

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