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Relational Horseback Journey


September 12th - 18th, 2024

In Bulgaria

Join us for a unforgettable horseback journey, through the Bulgarian nature!

Our focus revolves around four pillars: nature, horses, community and inner transformation sessions, creating a realm of adventure. Horses, with their reflective abilities, unveil aspects of riders' selves, offering a chance for newfound awareness. The journey, both inward and outward, brings forth growth opportunities for each individual.


We are like the horses; herd animals. When herd animals are safe they play. Embodied connection is our instinctual way to co-regulate, heal and grow! We want to bring in our incident and authentic nature, allow expression using our senses, movement, sound, breath. The tantric slow way. We’ll be practicing to trust ourselves and our ability to assert our boundaries, in order to play together in our full YES! Lets come together in an embodied way, with primalplay, relational meditations, cuddles, conscious touch and playful boundaries exercises.

How: We’ll end the tour where we started and will ride during the week a circle journey through the Bulgarian nature. We’ll combine horse riding together through nature during the day with conscious relating and embodiment sessions during the evening.

When: September 12 - 18, 2024.

Where: Location in the Bulgarian nature starting in a small village southeast of Veliko Tarnovo.

Who: 8 participants, four guides and 12 experienced horses.

Enthusiastic bird: €990 (first 3 spots)
Regular bird: €1200
Late owles: €1390

What’s included:
Everything from the moment you arrive until you leave: Your “own” horse, 3 meals a day (vegetarian with vegan option), tent, guides, love, evening sessions, feeling of belonging in the tribe, and memories for life!
What’s not included:
Transport to the venue in Bulgaria, sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Everyone who registers gets a packing list and gets included in a private group for our communication.

Getting there:
There’s an airport in Sofia (SOF). Alternative airports are Varna (VAR) and Burgas (BOJ). For some also Bucharest (Romania) might be an option. Depending on where you fly from, the one or other airport might be cheaper and better for you. But so far most people used the most nearby Sofia option. From Sofia there’s a bus (for around 10€) and a train to Weliko Tarnowo, which is close to the farm where our horses are.

Synnøva & Arild: About us



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